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    Teaching project
    1.Ancient Form One of Yang Style Taijiquan ——Master Yang Chengpu
    2.Ancient Form Two of Yang Style Taijiquan ——Master Yang Banhou
    3.The 13-Maneuver Taijiquan Of Yang Zhenhe
       The Essential 38- Maneuver of Taijiquan  
       Yang Tai Chi Thirteen power pile. Eight Five basic skills
    4.Pushing hands in Yang stlye Taijiquan 
    (1)Pushing hands without moving feet.
        Including the single-handed and the double-handed. 
    (2)Pushing hands as well as moving feet.

    About yangzhenhe
    Yang Zhen He,also known as Yuanjun,was born on May 10th 1953 in Guangfu,Yangjiaxiang,located in Yongnian country in the province of Hebei.As a child he fell in love with martial arts and began his formal training in 1967 under Zhai Wenzhang,a famous martial artist in Yongnian and the leading proponent of both Yang and Wu(3) style Taijiquan.After the  death of his master,Yang Zhen He continued to learn under the guidance of Yang Zhenduo,the official fourth-generation repersentative of Yang family Taijiquan.His hard work and diligence were held in high esteem by both masters,and he was rewarded with much knowledge.
    Mr.Yang Zhen He is a professional Taijiquan martial artist from Yongnian,the birth-place of yang style Taijiquan,and is a fifth-generation lineage holder of the style.In 1992 he won first place in the Tui Shou competition held between the five biggest Taijiquanschools in Yongnian.Since then,he has won many national and international tournaments and has been named the principal trainer for the China Yongnian Taijiquan Team.Mr.yang participated in the first national Taijiquan competition in China,where he was awarded a coaches exchange trophy.On invitation from the National Martial Arts Association of China,he has also participated in the China-Japan international Taijiquan competitions,the China Zhengzhou International Shaolin Martial Arts Festival,and the China Wadang Shan challenge competition.In 1997,Yang represented Yongnian at the European Nine Champions Invitation Tournament,where he won the gold trophy and a knight''''s Certificate.
    In the China Yongnian International Taijiquan Association,Mr.Yang was the chieftrainer for an educational program involving one-thousand students.He is also secretary general and technical adviser of the organization,one of it''''s ten Grand Masters and is recognized as a Grand Master of national status in China.
    Yang Zhen He has traveled to Japan,Germany,Switzerland,Austria,Poland,France,and Singapore to teach his art,and Taiji enthusiasts worldwide travel regularly to Yongnian seeking his instruction.His students in China and in other countries have won many gold and silver medals in various Taijiquan competitions across the globe.
    Mr.yang is currently a member of the Board of Education of the Chinese Wushu Association and has been awarded the China Wushu 7th Dan.He is considered a part of Chinese cultrual heritage.He is an honorary board member of the Yongnian Taijiquan Association Japan,director of the German Yongnian Taijiquan Academy,chairman of the Yongnian Taijiquan Association Europe,chairman of the World Yang Zhen He Taijiquan association,technical adviser of the Singapore Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan Association,director of the Yang Zhen He Yongnian Taiji-Wushu institute,and representative of the China Wudang Martial Arts Research Institute.Mr.Yang  is also a member of the Hebei Yongnian consultative political conference as well as a member of the Handan consultative political conference.
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